// 3D Sex Villa //

3D Sex Villa

This project deals and wants to raise questions regarding the ambiguous and special space of the virtual world. Sometimes for some people the difference between the real and virtual world is fading away. I do not want to make statements or take stand in these questions, I’m just reversing the input and the output sources and creating a new kind of story.

And the story is: some characters from the virtual sex game 3D Sex Villa, brake in “our” world. They try to act/interact and fit in on an odd basis like the followings: what they found out about our world on the Internet, copying pictures of famous photographers like Helmut Newton and Bill Brandt, holiday pictures from Facebook and so on. Will they succeed? Will they fit in unnoticed? What if they want to stay here and never go back into the digital space? This is the main inquiry of my project, which actually reflects on the dangers of being kept in a place where you actually don’t belong.

Elina Floating

Helene at Tailors Tower

Helene from behind

Helene, Josie, Jesse and Kiara

Jenna on Beach

Jenna tied up

Kaylani and Ashton

Maria and Josie

Xantia's leg against Sky

Maria sunbathing

Zhin's Legs