// Bonsai in the Land //

Bonsai in the Land

   Related to the philosophy of Land Art, this project involves in situ installations of my “bonsai creations” printed on large scale canvases. I grow and shape these trees for years now. The project also tends to raise questions and find intriguing visual answers between eastern and westerns cultures comparing different styles of nature. In the color landscape pictures these miniature trees will have a strange visual impact and being detached/cropped from the background will act like icons or tree logos.
   The landscape – transformed into an exhibition place, with the installations – has also an important role in the project. Beside the installation pictures I want to make computer generated montages too, where the west specific landscape is inhabited by my strange east like trees.

Acer Campestre III.

Acer Campestre IX.

Acer Campestre V.

Acer Campestre X.

Acer Campestre XIII.

Acer Campestre XIV.

Crassula Ovata II.

Crassula Ovata V.

Hibiscus Siriacus II.

Hibiscus Siriacus III.

Hibiscus Siriacus IV.

Juniperus com. Green Carpet II.

Thuja Occidentalis II.

Thuja Occidentalis III.

Thuja Occidentalis VIII.