// Fake Documents //

Fake Documents

In Fake Documents I tend to raise questions about documenting with the medium of photography these days. The credibility of images is at stake today more then ever before. The works are not just about the horrors of a possible war in our homeland – especially – as some images tend to have some romantic sadness in themselves. They were created to raise questions with their aesthetics about the military and the place of war. As we watch war news happening during dinner we take it for granted. What if we see these images where we walk every day? Do we raise the question: When this happened? Is this real? Should I be careful?
The base images are made with camera obscura on 4x5” film and are combined digitally with images downloaded from the Internet. I also want to guide the viewer towards technical investigation. How is it possible that long exposure and really short one is seen on a single image?

Vintage prints, 50x50 cm., EA I/I. silver geltine print on RC paper, EA I/I. silver gelatine print on FB paper

15'th March Square Budapest II.
15'th March Square Budapest I.
Budapest Chain Bridge
Balatonfenyves I.
Balatonfenyves II.
Balatonfenyves V.
Balatonfenyves IV.
Balatonfenyves III.
Balatonfenyves VI.
Balatonfenyves VII.
Budapest Castle
Fonyód Harbour
Kaposvár I.
Kaposvár Main Street
Kaposvár II.
Kaposvár III.
Oropesa del Mar I.
Oropesa del Mar II.
Oropesa Strand I.
Kaposvár IV.
Oropesa Strand II.
Oropesa del Mar III.
Oropesa del Mar IV.
Peniscola III.
Peniscola I.
Peniscola II.
Port Aventura I.
Port Aventura II.
Peniscola IV.
Port Aventura III.
Valencia II.
Valencia I.
Port Aventura IV.