// Lawn Mower Works //

Lawn Mower Works

The project is a personalized reconsideration of the Land Art movement of the sixties and seventies. In this, representative artists – beyond the physical intervention in nature – were analyzing and exploring the bounds between man and his environment. This is as it is today. 
This art project and activity assumes a specific attitude from the artist. The experiments must be concluded in his/her own garden. Let it be a house with garden or just a balcony, a creator can do more then the every day routine. The seasonal field works like pruning, hoeing, cutting the grass or snow shoveling are necessary but often boring. This can change if an artist with creativity and personal vision is present. All this, with keeping the usefulness and practicality of these activities clear. The publication of these works can vary between different mediums: video, interactive installation, photography (digital, archaical or traditional).
In my works I give importance to geometry, maths, music, typography, painting but I’m also reflecting on my favorite artists, Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long too.
The Lawn Mower Project is using the basic forms of geometry, cutting them into the field of grass and documenting it with the passing time. It also has works related to actionism like “Loose” in which the machine was set loose a couple of times letting is wander around the field by himself.